New 2017 Ariel Atom 3R 2.0L - Limited Edition

Are you ready for the intoxicating whine of 300 supercharged horsepower in a car that weighs only 1,350 pounds?

  • 300 hp supercharged Honda 2.0L VTEC engine
  • 6-speed manual transmission
  • Fully adjustable JRI aluminum dampers
  • Upgraded carbon fiber bonnet, airbox cover, snorkel, and instrument surround 
  • 15-inch front / 17-inch rear wheels with R-compound tires
  • Unique metallic black exo-skeleton chassis
  • Unique red 4-piston Wilwood brake calipers
  • Limited to 10 cars only. Individually numbered plaques for each chassis designate build number.

Atom 3R 2.0 - A perfect addition to the line-up. 

2017 Ariel Spec:RaceAtom - 2.4L Honda - 230 hp - Normally aspirated.
Track use only. Perfect for the amateur / SRA series racer who demands reliability and low operating cost without sacrificing fast lap times.
From $53,750

2017 Ariel Atom 3 - 2.4L Honda - 230 hp - Normally aspirated.
Mixed street and track use. Full windshield, lighting package, e-brake, and touring exhaust available. Drive to the nearest track day, tackle canyon roads, and enjoy one of the most desirable hand-built roadsters for an exceptional value.
From $64,500

2017 Ariel Atom 3R 2.0 - 2.0L Honda - 300 hp - Supercharged.
Mixed street and track use. Exotic car power-to-weight ratio, carbon fiber and trim upgrades, limited run of 10 cars. For the seasoned sports car driver who demands performance and exclusivity.

From $79,900

2017 Ariel Atom 3S - 2.4L Honda - 365 hp - Intercooled/Turbocharged. Mixed street and track use. Supercar looks and performance. Hondata traction control system, Alcon brake package, unique side pods for cooling/aesthetics. For the expert driver interested in taking their street and track experience to the next level.
From $89,975

Ariel Atom Colorado Rendezvous

Red Rocks Park & Ampitheatre

Red Rocks Park & Ampitheatre

August 13 Itinerary

Meet Up - 8:00 am

Cars and Coffee Denver
The Gallery at the Vehicle Vault
18301 Lincoln Meadows Pkwy, Parker, CO 80134
Meet and greet with fellow car enthusiasts
Cost: FREE

Vehicle Vault Museum

Vehicle Vault Museum

Meet Up - 10:30 am

Red Rocks Park & Ampitheatre
18300 W. Alameda Pkwy, Morrison, Colorado 80465
Photo shoot and mingle with other Atom owners
Cost: FREE

Red Rocks Park & Recreation Area: Where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains 6,450 feet above sea level.

Red Rocks Park & Recreation Area: Where the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains 6,450 feet above sea level.

Lunch - 11:00 am

Red Rocks Grill
415 Bear Creek Ave, Morrison, Colorado 80465

Group Drive - Depart 12:00 pm

Leave Morrison on I-70 to Mt. Evans Scenic Byway
Atom photo shoot at the top (weather permitting)
Cost: $15 entry fee

Mt. Evans Scenic Byway: This high-altitude scenic drive climbs more than 7,000 feet in just 28 miles, reaching an altitude of 14,264 feet.

Mt. Evans Scenic Byway: This high-altitude scenic drive climbs more than 7,000 feet in just 28 miles, reaching an altitude of 14,264 feet.


August 14 Itinerary

Meet Up - 9:30 am

Central City Hill Climb
Exit I-70 at Central City Pkwy. Go right.
Second parking lot entrance on right. Gather as a group.

Grand Opening Cruise - 10:00 am

4-lane closed highway with finish line.
Cost: FREE

Central City Hill Climb Race - 11:00 am

Watch racers and depart as schedule permits.
Cost to spectate: FREE
Cost to race Touring Class: $350 (must register in advance)
Cost to race Competition Class: $500 (must register in advance)
The fastest hill climb in the Rockies, gaining 2,500 fee through 23 turns in just 8 miles!

What's cooler than landing on a track to drive your own race car?

Imagine circling 1,000 feet over a race track, and then dropping down to land right on the main straightaway. You jump in your own personal race car, already fueled and ready to drive, and head out onto the track. After a few practice sessions the green flag drops, and you and your friends are literally off to the races.

This is now a reality in the Southwest. Whether you are an aviation nut, a gear-head, or both of the above, this is an experience that dreams are made of.

In less than 30 days, Forman Motorworks and INDE Motorsports Ranch kick off the NEW Spec:RaceAtom IMR Cup Series.

Here's why we love the Spec:RaceAtom (SRA):

  • 2.4L Honda engine and 6-speed manual transmission
  • 230 hp powering only 1,300 lbs (one-third the weight of most street cars)
  • Lowest cost per mile of nearly any track car, while still being one of the fastest
  • Proven history at multiple tracks across the US
  • Less than $54,000 brand new and ready to race

If you have an interest in owning one of the fastest and most reliable cars on the planet, we'd love for you to join us.

Don't really care about the track, but want the ultimate exclusive driver's car for attacking your favorite road or the weekend car show? The Ariel Atom 3 and 3S can be legally registered for street use in most states. Just give us a call and we'll fill you in.

 New Honda-Powered Race Series Brings Reliability to Racing in Arizona

New Honda-Powered Race Series Brings Reliability to Racing in Arizona

Which purpose-built race-car has a 2.4L Honda engine, makes 230 hp, and weighs only 1,300 pounds? Which one boasts easy maintenance and reliability while still turning one of the fastest lap times? And which race-car has a brand new factory delivered price of less than $54,000? 

It's the Spec:RaceAtom, of course. And this spring we've partnered with Inde Motorsports Ranch to launch a new race series, the Spec:RaceAtom IMR Cup.

The first two races will be held in conjunction with the IMR Challenge Series during the weekends of April 23-24 and May 14-15. We'll announce a full fall schedule soon. 

As enthusiasts of true driver's cars ourselves, we are passionate about the Atom and thrilled to bring this series to Arizona. In addition to offering SRA vehicles and parts for the series, we will also offer optional trackside support. 

If you are interested in purchasing a new Spec:RaceAtom, or learning more about the SRA IMR Cup series, let us know. You can email

Hosting the Spec Race Atom series is an exciting opportunity for IMR and its members. The SRA is a fantastic, reliable, and affordable race-car that has done very well at our track. With the Atom competing in an open-wheel class, I imagine that many of our members and closed-wheel drivers will be racing in the SRA IMR Cup series too. Franz does an incredible job with these cars and his customer service is impeccable.
— CJ Dorland, President, Inde Motorsports Ranch

This series will be exclusive to the Spec:RaceAtom, a race-modified version of the Ariel Atom 3. Best known for its Honda-powered reliability, durability, and lightweight performance characteristics, the Atom brings affordability to racing and offers one of the fastest lap times on the track.

Nearly 90 SRA cars have been produced in the United States to date, and have been successfully raced at both Virginia International Raceway and Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch.

Reliability and affordability have remained paramount in developing the SRA car, while also providing drivers with an easy to operate and maintain vehicle. The SRA cars have been raced at many tracks since 2011 and we can’t wait to expand into the southwest with this well-proven and established formula. Regional series for SRA cars provide the type of local accessibility that’s well suited to the busy lives of our typical amateur SRA owner/racers.
— Mark Swain, Vice President, TMI AutoTech and former professional driver

The New Ariel Nomad

The New Ariel Nomad

It's been compared to a giant remote-controlled buggy that you can actually ride in. Less than two months ago I had a chance, while visiting Ariel UK, to see the Nomad in person, and Autocar editor Matt Prior is right.