As much fun as I’ve had in any car this decade.
— Matt Prior, Autocar

It's been compared to a giant remote-controlled buggy that you can actually ride in. Less than two months ago I had a chance, while visiting Ariel UK, to see the Nomad in person, and Autocar editor Matt Prior is right. The car is incredible. Splendid to look at, surreal to finally sit in, and a flat-out hoot to drive around the English countryside. If you reside anywhere with open trails, sand dunes, or even just rural land, this is your car. For that matter, my first trip in our Nomad will be some urban assault action to the local supermarket, just to watch the bag-boy's reaction when I load a gallon of milk into the passenger seat beside me and speed off. Maybe back to the house through the desert. Just because I can!

Unlike many of the current offerings in the side-by-side ATV market, which are fitted mostly with 800-1,000 cc engines, the Nomad has a full-blown 230 horsepower 2.4L Honda Civic Si driveline, full size wheels and all-terrain tires, a laminated glass windshield (heated if you wish), and a pair of racing buckets that make you feel like you're piloting a lightweight pre-runner through the Baja 1,000. This thing is serious.  

Like the built-for-speed Atom, TMI Autotech is the North American manufacturer of the Nomad, and will offer the vehicle in two different trim levels: the Nomad Sport, and the higher spec Nomad Tactical. Both are sure to bring a smile to your face, with the Tactical version being built with some additional components for more extreme off-roading. US Pricing starts at $80K. Our Nomad demo should be here by March, and we can hardly wait!