Which purpose-built race-car has a 2.4L Honda engine, makes 230 hp, and weighs only 1,300 pounds? Which one boasts easy maintenance and reliability while still turning one of the fastest lap times? And which race-car has a brand new factory delivered price of less than $54,000? 

It's the Spec:RaceAtom, of course. And this spring we've partnered with Inde Motorsports Ranch to launch a new race series, the Spec:RaceAtom IMR Cup.

The first two races will be held in conjunction with the IMR Challenge Series during the weekends of April 23-24 and May 14-15. We'll announce a full fall schedule soon. 

As enthusiasts of true driver's cars ourselves, we are passionate about the Atom and thrilled to bring this series to Arizona. In addition to offering SRA vehicles and parts for the series, we will also offer optional trackside support. 

If you are interested in purchasing a new Spec:RaceAtom, or learning more about the SRA IMR Cup series, let us know. You can email franz@formanmotorworks.com.

Hosting the Spec Race Atom series is an exciting opportunity for IMR and its members. The SRA is a fantastic, reliable, and affordable race-car that has done very well at our track. With the Atom competing in an open-wheel class, I imagine that many of our members and closed-wheel drivers will be racing in the SRA IMR Cup series too. Franz does an incredible job with these cars and his customer service is impeccable.
— CJ Dorland, President, Inde Motorsports Ranch

This series will be exclusive to the Spec:RaceAtom, a race-modified version of the Ariel Atom 3. Best known for its Honda-powered reliability, durability, and lightweight performance characteristics, the Atom brings affordability to racing and offers one of the fastest lap times on the track.

Nearly 90 SRA cars have been produced in the United States to date, and have been successfully raced at both Virginia International Raceway and Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch.

Reliability and affordability have remained paramount in developing the SRA car, while also providing drivers with an easy to operate and maintain vehicle. The SRA cars have been raced at many tracks since 2011 and we can’t wait to expand into the southwest with this well-proven and established formula. Regional series for SRA cars provide the type of local accessibility that’s well suited to the busy lives of our typical amateur SRA owner/racers.
— Mark Swain, Vice President, TMI AutoTech and former professional driver