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2013 Ariel Spec:Race Atom

VIN: SRA0054

Odometer: 854

Highlight: Fresh service, no damage history

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“Fast lap times.” “Low cost of consumables.” “Trouble free weekends at the track.” “Bang for the buck.” Of all the things our clients say who operate dedicated track cars, these phrases are the most common for what people look for in a track machine, and the Honda powered Ariel Spec:RaceAtom delivers in each category. In fact, I would challenge you to find another car within this price range that will deliver all of the above.

With fewer than 900 miles, this car provides an excellent opportunity to get into a lightly used Spec:Race Atom for a substantial savings over the new car price. It’s also the larger 2.4L Honda K24-Z7 powered SRA, which pushes out roughly 40 additional lbs.ft. of torque versus the previous K20-powered SRAs.

This SRA belonged to a good client (who actually owned two of them) who recently passed away. He was very particular about how the car was cared for and serviced, and the car has never been in an accident or had significant damage history. It was always stored in his private garage at the track and never abused. It is being sold with a fresh annual service.


• Honda 2.4L DOHC 4-Cyl. Engine with i-VTEC – 230 horsepower

• 6-Speed Close Ratio Manual Transmission

• Limited Slip Differential


• Double Unequal Length Wishbones

• Lightweight Fabricated Uprights

• Rocker Arm/Push Rod Inboard Suspension Steering

• Quick-ratio Rack and Pinion

Dimensions / Weight

• Length - 134 inches

• Width - 70.5 inches

• Track - 63 inches

• Wheelbase - 92.3 inches

• Curb Weight – 1,350 lbs.


• Passenger Seat - $995

• Race Technology Video 4 data recorder – 1,200

TOTAL MSRP - $53,990

Best part about this SRA? No waiting 4-6 months for a new factory order! This car is on the ground and ready for immediate delivery.

Feel free to call with any questions, or if I can be of assistance with door-to-door vehicle transport service. Looking for a last-minute gift idea for the car enthusiast who already has everything? (Yes, this has happened before.) Hot-shot express delivery service is available!

Franz Forman (623) 910-3020